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4Q Forgery?

I came across this in looking through the
_Allegro Qumran Collection_ Microfiche
ed. George Brooke (Brill 1996).  Among
many interesting photos of various and
sundry texts, scenes of Qumran, etc. on
p. 44, photos 26E10 and 27A1 and 27A2 is
a text with the caption:

    "Labelled by Allegro as 4Q Forgery"
I can see why the text might be identified
as forged (the letters are large and look
unlike other Qumran scripts) but what is
this about?  Why is it identified as 4Q?
Where did Allegro get this text?  Where is
the text now?

Many other goodies are in this microfiche
supplement edition.  

Not really expecting an answer (but hoping
to be surprised . . .)  

Greg Doudna