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Re: Scribes

Dear Keith,
For Mesopotamia try in the Thorkild Jacobsen Volume in Assyriological 
Studies. Sjoberg published many years ago in Journal for Cuneiform 
Studies a text which he called "in praise of Scribal art.  Nissaba was 
the Sumerian scribe goddess and her logographic name decorates the fronts 
pieces of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary.  Nabu was the scribe god in 
Babylonia (Marduk's son).   Look at the general Assyriological literature 
for discussions of him.  There are articles by Kramer on a text which 
describes scribal training in Sumerian  schools.
As for the Bible, Menahem Haran published a series of articles in the 
last decade dealing with scribal practices in the production and 
transmission of biblical books. His bibliography you canfind in his 
Festschrift whic appeared this year on Eisenbrauns'.  Aaron Demsky wrote 
a dissertation years ago on literacy in the Bible and the ancient near 
east (in Hebrew, Hebrew University).  There is a  book by Nunn (?) on teh 
SOTS monograph series about schools in ancient Israel. Lambert has  
published in JCS a "list of authors".  H. Gevaryahu has done some work on 
colophons published in VT and in Beth Miqra, and he once gave a paper on 
it before the world congress of Jewish Studies.
That's all I can remember at the moment. Hope it is useful. Sorry I can't 
give you information more directly related to Qumran.
 Avigdor Hurowitz

On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, KEITH N SCHOVILLE wrote:

> A friend of mine is interested in publications dealing with the function(s)
> of scribes in societies in the ANE, including the scribal profession as
> reflected at Qumran (if such existed). Any of you have any bibliographical
> suggestions?
> In anticipation, thanks!
> Keith N. Schoville