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Re: 4Q Therapeia

Lechem writes:

>Would you really want to save all that Junk unless it was required in your
>attic? Not all genizahs are easily dealt with. You have to ritually bury
>anything with the name of God on it or considered holy. I remeber a frenzy
>at Gratz College when the lady in the bookstore tried to throw away a huge
>pallet full of old Xerox anthologies that had Hebrew in it, including
>Ulpan material. The religious members insisted on the material's be
>deposit in a genizah. I thought the poor old girl was going to die right
>there and then. This material was a good ton.
>    The library upstairs sells books donated to it. They are
>stuck with shelves of old prayerbooks and junk they can't give away nor
>can they just throw it away. But putting it all into a genizah?
>They wish they had isolated caves to put it all in. 
>Brad Harrison

But my original question remains unanswered: if  4Q Therapeia is a 
scribal exercise, as Naveh seems to think, why just one such exercise in 
this huge corpus of documents? if the corpus was really produced by those 
Essene scribes, shouldn't there be evidence of some more 'exercises'?  In 
accounting, when your books don't balance because of an item which 
doesn't have a counterpart, you put the 'offending' item in a 'suspense' 
file until a better solution can be found.  I suspect Naveh has applied 
the same remedy to  4Q Therapeia.

Eric Forster