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Re: Nazareth Tombs

>If it wasn't Nazareth, then the significance of nazarenou, found only in
GMark, is totally up for grabs. Incidentally, GMark has Nazareth only once,
in 1:9, which is not in the GMatt parallel. The other gospels followed
GMark. The oldest evidence is that the one reference to Nazareth is dubious.<

As postscript to my previous posting (having now seen this) I would point out
that if they WERE called *natzranim* (from an existing town called Nazareth)
*natzran* morphs more readily into Nazarenos than into Nazaraios -- which
tips the scales in the other direction.

But, concededly, all is speculation here -- though I don't see why someone
found the topic inappropriate for this list.  Surely almost everything that
appears on this list -- regarding DSS, anyway -- is little more than specula-
tion, albeit of the "informed" variety!