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Re: Nazareth Tombs

>>The oldest evidence is that the one reference to Nazareth is dubious.<
>Oldest?  Based on what?  What about the other 11 references in NT?
Does the two document hypothesis mean anything to you? The argument that
GMark and Q were sources to the other two synoptics. This would make GMark
the oldest of the NT gospels. 

It is in GMark that there is only one reference to Nazareth. That reference
is not parallelled in GMatt 3:13, the same scene with many verbal
similarities, but no Nazareth. The final form of GMatt shows knowledge of
Nazareth. There is no reason to omit it if it were there. In a non-Marcan
passage a Matthean writer moves Jesus from Nazareth to Capernaum, so in
gospel time a reference to Nazareth in Mt3:13 wouldn't have been amiss.

Ian Hutchesson