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Re: Satan in the DSS

At 07:19 PM 9/26/96 -0400, you wrote:

>> the references are:
>> 1Qh 4:1
>> 1QS(b) 1:8
>> 4Q504 1+R 4:12
>> 11QPs 19:15

>If Jim or anyone else can offer help on the unclear IDs, it would be

I simply used the graphic concordance of Charlesworth and looked under "stn"
I note that the english translation does not use "Satan" for any of the
references I proferred; does this suggest that Garcia-Martinez does not view
"stn" as a reference to "evil personified"?  Or is it simply a translation
of the word instead of a transliteration?

> [but I think the 1QH stuff is under control now]. I've been
>attempting to update Gaster's "Analytical Index"

could you give the full title to this so I can get it?

> as a resource
>especially for English-only students in doing research reports on DSS
>themes. He mentions "angel of darkness" and "Mastemah," under
>"particular angels," and lists in the category "opponents of the
>brotherhood" Belial and his forces, sons of darkness, etc. And in his
>final category under "Angelology" he has "evil spirits" including
>"satans" for which he refers to 1QH frags 4.6 [aha! I'll try to check
>that "frag" lead; bingo! see above] and 45.3, and 1QSb 1.8. Is there any
>other English index of this sort to the DSS?

Not that I have ever seen.

> [And are Azazel and cohorts
>in the Enochic materials also relevant to this discussion?]
About this I know nothing.

>Bob Kraft, UPenn
Again, thanks.


Jim West
Professor of Biblical Languages, CCBI
Adjunct Professor of Bible, Quartz Hill School of Theology