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Re: 4Q Therapeia

>     Why does the Cairo Genizah come to mind concerning this topic? If Q.
>was a genizah then certainly anything from anywhere for every purpose or
>reason may be found. From scribal exercises to other varying sectarian
>works. And a genizah would also be suitable for a rash desparate hiding
>place for sacred works in times of trouble, Maccabean and Roman wars
>     In the Cairo Genizah everything from laundry lists to the Damascus
>Documents were found from various periods, spanning centuries. 
>Brad Harrison
>MA JS Gratz Philly Pa
>EMA KU Leuven Belgium 

Selectivity comes to mind.  When the genizah is your attic, anything 
goes.  When it's a remote cave, you become very selective as to what goes 
into the jars.

Eric Forster