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Re: Satan in the DSS

Jim West responded to a query regarding "satan" references in DSS:

> the references are:
> 1Qh 4:1
> 1QS(b) 1:8
> 4Q504 1+R 4:12
> 11QPs 19:15

I only have Garcia Martinez (1st ed) at hand, and am not confident that
I've located all of the passages listed above. Especially problematic is
the 1QH reference, what with all the reordering of fragments done by
Puech and others. Here are the results of my quick check:

1QH 4.1 (GM p.317) [has nothing of note]
   12.1 (old col 4; GM p.334) [has nothing either]
   22 frg 4.6 (old 18, etc.; GM p.358) every dishonest and destr[uctive]
      opponent [discovered as narrated below!!]
   24 frg 45.3 (GM p.360) of every opponent and the destruction [ditto!] 
1QSb [=1Q28b] 1.8 (GM p.432) ...]every foe[...
4Q504 [DibHam, Words of Luminaries] frags 1-2 col 4.12 (GM p.415) 
      And there was no opponent or bad luck... 
-- I couldn't determine what "4Q504 1" might refer to in GM
11QPs 19.15 (GM p.306) May Satan not rule over me or an unclean spirit

If Jim or anyone else can offer help on the unclear IDs, it would be
appreciated [but I think the 1QH stuff is under control now]. I've been
attempting to update Gaster's "Analytical Index" as a resource
especially for English-only students in doing research reports on DSS
themes. He mentions "angel of darkness" and "Mastemah," under
"particular angels," and lists in the category "opponents of the
brotherhood" Belial and his forces, sons of darkness, etc. And in his
final category under "Angelology" he has "evil spirits" including
"satans" for which he refers to 1QH frags 4.6 [aha! I'll try to check
that "frag" lead; bingo! see above] and 45.3, and 1QSb 1.8. Is there any
other English index of this sort to the DSS? [And are Azazel and cohorts
in the Enochic materials also relevant to this discussion?]

Bob Kraft, UPenn