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Re: Josephus & DSS

>>Yirmiyahu Ben-David said:
>>	I look forward to the day, as I'm sure you will, when we can simply 
>>write the Hebrew on Internet.  There is already a capability here in Israel 
>>but it isn't compatible with all platforms.  In the meantime, I remain 
>>persuaded that, in most cases, phonemicization is MUCH more important than 
>I am wondering if anyone here has tried Internet with and Accent?  It is 
>supposed to make one able to send Hebrew (and other languages) over the 
>internet even for those who do not have Hebrew Windows as they do in Israel.
>Gretchen A. Shapiro Haas
>Cleve College of Jewish Studies

While I cannot vouch for other platforms (I use a Mac),  I correspond 
regularly in Hebrew with Israeli friends, using  Hebrew Pad 1.92 in 
conjunction with MS Word 5.1 and Mac OS 7.5.  The process is relatively easy.

Eric Forster