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Re: 4Q Therapeia

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Eric Forster wrote:

> >Dear Ed,
> >
> >You may be right in the following statement, but you don't have any
> >precedents from among the dss corpus and I think you would be pushing **it
> >up hill to justify a student text among the other documents found. Look at
> >those other ANE sites: where were the scribal exercises found? Almost
> >unanimously not in royal archives, but in side caches, in store rooms. If
> >the dss cache were a selective body of documents then there would be no room
> >for a scribal exercise. Then again, if deposit in cave 4 were a willy-nilly
> >last-minute hurried affair, then it may be possible.
> >>
> >>Any text that consists of two lines of the alphabet, a series of proper
> >>names, and a string of non-words is clearly a scribal exercise.  There are
> >>lots of them known from the ANE.
> >
> >Yours,
> >
> >Ian Hutchesson
> If the scrolls were, indeed, produced at Q, why only one 'scribal
> exercise'? and if we have a sakekeeping scenario, why safekeep a scribal
> exercise?
> Eric Forster
     Why does the Cairo Genizah come to mind concerning this topic? If Q.
was a genizah then certainly anything from anywhere for every purpose or
reason may be found. From scribal exercises to other varying sectarian
works. And a genizah would also be suitable for a rash desparate hiding
place for sacred works in times of trouble, Maccabean and Roman wars
     In the Cairo Genizah everything from laundry lists to the Damascus
Documents were found from various periods, spanning centuries. 

Brad Harrison
MA JS Gratz Philly Pa
EMA KU Leuven Belgium