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Re: 4Q Therapeia

>With regard to the "translation" of 4Q "Therapeia":
>This text was a well-known obsession of Allegro's, who thought he saw all
>kinds of things in it that weren't there.

So did Charelsworth, I recall

  The text in fact is gibberish (as is the "translation"), and the only
conclusion to draw about it is that it
>was a writing exercise; see J. Naveh, "A Medical Document or a Writing
>Exercise? The So-called 4QTherapeia," Israel Exploration Journal 36 (1986),
>pp. 52-55.
Not really. Naveh's opinion is worthy, but it is an opinion, and not fact.
Having studied the text I am not sure that it is gibberish, though I am not
prepared to offer a secure translation, and I don't think one can be done.
But let's keep the animus out of this, as well as the unjustified

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield