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Re: Satan in the DSS

>        Friends,
>When I was a grad student years ago we were taught that the major lasting
>contribution of the Persian period was the influence of Zoroastrianism on
>Judaism, specifically in the doctrine of "satan".  This doctrine was said to
>permeate the whole of Judaism and its daughter Christianity.
>But when I look at the DSS I find only 4 references to "satan", which seems
>to mean that the doctrine was not quite as widespread as we were led to
>1- has anyone done a study of "satan" in the Scrolls?
>2- are there synonymous terms used for "satan" in the scrolls which would
>bear examination?

In reply to 2--the usual term in the scrolls is Belial.  You also find
Melchiresha and Mastema once in awhile.  I can't think of anyplace where
you do find Satan in the scrolls (apart perhaps, from the biblical texts).
Are you working from the Hebrew or a translation?  If the former, I'd be
interested in knowing which passages use Satan.

>Jim West
>Professor of Biblical Languages, CCBI
>Adjunct Professor of Bible, Quartz Hill School of Theology