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Re: Essene and hatchet

so pseudo rabad is off the shelf-- i didnt think anyone would ever look at it
for a century who now would care about some medieval commentary-- guess
duke is ahead of its time/

as for hetzen-- in about 1975 or so when fitzmeyer was editor of jbl
i sent him a short note on the propasal, which i thought was uniquely
mine. he wrote me back that an article of 2 lines is not publishable
or something like that and suggested i go elsewhere. but he didnt
mention vermes at that time at all.

then years later i found "hetzen" in shurer -- in 1983 or so. still this is
the first i have heard of vermes responding to it. i think it has many
merits-- because the biblical passage fits josephus' description of
how they used the hatchet-- if you simply read the text closely. my
pseudo-rabad  notation is probably also 2 sentences. but when i first
thought of it, it was because i had read an encyclopedia britannica
article on essene that listed a lot of derivations (not hetzen) -- it was
then that i thought hmmm..., vermes i thought amongst other things
considered it asia-- where rabbi meir went and couldnt find a megilla
to read from on purim--

what could the objections be to a name that incorporates the symbol of
their purity. where can i find vermes response to the idea. however, i
must admit -- if someone besides me though ot it-- its probably wrong,
statiscally there are lots of ways to be wrong and only one way to be
right. think about it ;).