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Ian HutchessonTue, 24 Sep 96 14:18:32 EDT
From:         PWEGNER@BROWNVM.brown.edu
Subject:      Re: Josephus & DSS
To:           orion@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 24 Sep 1996 14:49:33 +0100 from <mc2499@mclink.it>

>>If one
>knows Hebrew, what problem is there in _spelling_ paQIYD, kiyPUR, yiyrTZEH,

>You should realize that Modern Hebrew is an artificial creation and you
should not depend on it to be a firm guide to the Ancient.<  [IH}

True, Ian, but hardly the most important point to be made here.  May I point
out that NOBODY transliterates modern Hebrew in the idiosyncratic fashion
represented by the sample above   (for the kinds of reasons I gave in my
earlier posting).

I would hate for any reader to get hold of the wrong end of the stick here!
This is not a question of ancient vs. modern -- I transliterate both kinds
in exactly the same way, and needless to say my way is not particularly
idiosyncratic; it is used by many scholars.  What I like about it is that
it is intuitively readable while differentiating consonants clearly, and
yet does not involve one in counter-intuitive hieroglyphics. The method used
above is neither intuitive nor scholarly and hence has nothing to recommend
it to anybody.

Judith Romney Wegner, Providence