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Cave 4

Of some 600 mss from Cave 4 purchased from
Bedouin/Kando, it is reported that
about one quarter had matching
identifications from the De Vaux/Harding
excavations in 1952 (Stephen Pfann, 
_Dead Sea Scrolls on Microfiche 
Companion Volume_, Brill 1993, p. 112).  
A list of 72 matching texts
is provided at the above reference.

Question #1: 72 is only about one-eighth of
600, not one-fourth.  Does anyone know where
a list of the other text matches might be

Question #2: Magen Broshi is reported to
doubt that the economic texts (4Q342-358)
came from Cave 4.  In fact none of the
economic texts show up in the list of 72
matches from the excavation.  On the other
hand, the Bedouin/Kando ID claims seem 
to have checked out otherwise with no clear
falsification.  Does anyone
know the grounds for Broshi's doubts, and
whether such grounds might apply to 
other classes of Cave 4 texts?

Greg Doudna