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Re: Essene name

Beruriah Bloom wrote:

> Still, your message was very interesting, and if you have more details on the
> contents of  4QTheraputae please do post it.

		4Q Therapeia

	1.  lk`ps 'sgdhw [...] sykl
	2.  shrh 'lys 'ksnws trsy
	3.  tyrqws [...]' by` [...]q
	4.  sdhsw mgns mlkyh mnws
	5.  mhtys mqlyh mpybst
	6.  bglgws bnwbn bsry gdy
	7.  dlwy hlkws hrqnws yny w
	8.  ytr'ytysyl' zwhlwlp
	8a. ytrws ysy
	9.  `qwl' zkry'l yny
	10. `ly `dpy
	10a.`mry'l qp[...]

1. The report of the Kepha being an acount of 2. his rounds of the afflicted
(among) the guests: supplies of 3. medicines [...] swelling [...] 4. which
distended him through a kind of flabbiness to wasting: 5. a braying of stalks
of Mephibosheth 6. in the smegma (found) in the sheath of the penes of kids.
7. The ulcer of Hyrcanus Yannai was drawn and 8. the secretions pertaining to
it that were discharging; also for 8a. Peter Yosai; 9. Colic - Zachariel Yannai;
10. Eli is witness, dictated by 10a. Omriel, QP (Kepha).

John M. Allegro "The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth" 1992 Prometheus,

Jack Kilmon