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Re: Essene name

     The Urim and Thummim refer to two special stones on the Breastplate 
of the High Priest. The Breastplate was part of his ceremonial robes. 
This is referred to in multiple places. Below is a list of references 
which you might use to research the topic. Please note that these stones 
are alse referenced heavily in Morman(LDS) writings. I have read their 
literature, but am not a Morman.
     Ex 28:30; Lv 8:8; Nu 27:21; Dt 33:8; 1 Sa 28:6; Ezr 2:63; Ne 7:65.

     If you wish to persue the meaning and ramifications of this and 
other divination techniques I will do so off-line so as not to obscure 
the purpose and intent of this service.
     I may be reached at ferman@svpal.org

Dick Ferman

On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, drew odegaard wrote:

> On 22 Sep 1996, Beruriah Bloom wrote: 
> > In another context, Josephus uses the word "essen" for the Hebrew word "ho$en"
> > (breastplate)--which he does NOT connect with the name of the sectarians, but
> > with logion (oracle, prophecy), following the LXX (because it contained the urim
> > and thumim, which were instruments of divination).   
> If this list will forgive my indulgence here - But I have been perpelexed 
> by the many different definitions I have obtained about the 'urim & 
> thumim'.  Could we point this ignorant student (me) to writings or archives 
> that pertain to these two words? 
> Peace.
> Uri
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> a priest according to the true order of Melchisedek.
> Ephesians 6:12