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Re: Josephus & DSS & more

netzarim@netvision.net.il wrote:

> I didn't follow how a close relationship between the N'tzarim and the
> Essenes of Y'rushalayim connects the N'tzarim or the Essenes with Christian
> gnosticism.

	Explained in my last post.  Guess our minds are tuned together (g)

> Jack:
> <7Q5, however, MAY be a fragment of a source COMMON to both groups and a
> possible SOURCE document for the original Mark.  This, in my mind, is a
> better explanation for O'Callaghan's "similarities.">
> Can you give the Rockefeller plate number for 7Q5 please, and where I might
> obtain a text and translation?

	See "Jesus, Qumran and the Vatican" by Betz and Riesner, 1994 SCM Press. pp 

>         While Charles held that T12 was originally an Hebrew work, H.C. Kee
> maintained that it was originally Greek, based on LXX, fm c. 1st century BCE
> by a Syrian Hellenist author, with "not more than twelve" Christian
> interpolations added later "that may be readily differentiated from the
> original Greek text." (Charlesworth, Pseudepigrapha, vol. 1: 777).
>         My impression is that the Hellenist orientation ot T12 reflects
> neither "Yeshuine," N'tzarim, nor Essenes; and that the interpolations were
> likely Christian as opposed to N'tzarim.

	But that the uninterpolated T12 could have been a product of the
Netzarim, only to find itself..like all writings of the Yeshuines, heavily
interpolated by the Greek gentile "Christians."

Shelama amkhon
Jack Kilmon
Houston, Texas