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Re: Josephus & DSS

netzarim@netvision.net.il wrote:

>         I wouldn't be surprised by an association of some sort between the
> N'tzarim and the Essenes of Y'rushalayim, however my understanding is that
> supporting evidence for such an association is meager, and not from the
> DSS?

	See my previous post to you on this matter.

> I'd welcome the evidence as my impression is that it would be reasonably
> compatible with the N'tzarim orientation.  My impression was that Y'hoshua
> made an attempt to bridge the differences of Oral Law between the Qumran
> Tz'dokim ma'aseh AND the P'rushim halakhah, eventually determining that
> P'rushim halakhah should dominate (NRM 23:1-3).

	The "snag" here is that you are looking to Secacah (Qumran) for the
association.  Look instead to the Assaya in the Upper City.

>         My Hebrew still has a long way to go, but I think (?) that Ya'akov
> was called "ha-Tzadiyk," not "ha-Tzeddek"?  The former connotes the filling
> of a relationship or b'riyt.  I'm not aware of any implication in the title
> peculiar to the Therapeutae.

	The leaders of the Assaya were called "Teachers of Righteousness"
after their founder in the time of Hyrcanus.  I believe Ya'akov was this leader.
The "betrothal" of Assaya/Netzarim would have been followed as well by their
Egyptian counterparts, the Therapeutae.  This gave rise to the various Gnostic
groups in Egypt and explains why a fragment of "proto-John" was found there
as early as 95 BCE to 120 CE (Rylands papyrus).

Shelama amkhon
Jack Kilmon