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Re: Josephus & DSS

Jack Kilmon:
<The Therapeutae were the Egyptian successors to the Asayyim in
the Holy Land.  They lived by the Mareotic Lake in Egypt and were discussed
and admired by Philo (Contemplative Life).  I believe there was a very 
relationship between the Netzarim and the Asayyim of Jerusalem...if not a
"merger."  The same holds true, I believe, for the Therapeutae which may
heve been the source for the gnostic sects.  I do not believe it is a 
coincidence that Yaqub ben-Yosef, as the first Pakiyd of the Netzarim..was
called "ha-Tsedik.">

	I wouldn't be surprised by an association of some sort between the 
N'tzarim and the Essenes of Y'rushalayim, however my understanding is that 
supporting evidence for such an association is meager, and not from the 
I'd welcome the evidence as my impression is that it would be reasonably 
compatible with the N'tzarim orientation.  My impression was that Y'hoshua 
made an attempt to bridge the differences of Oral Law between the Qumran 
Tz'dokim ma'aseh AND the P'rushim halakhah, eventually determining that 
P'rushim halakhah should dominate (NRM 23:1-3).

	My Hebrew still has a long way to go, but I think (?) that Ya'akov 
was called "ha-Tzadiyk," not "ha-Tzeddek"?  The former connotes the filling 
of a relationship or b'riyt.  I'm not aware of any implication in the title 
peculiar to the Therapeutae.

(Back, im yiyrtzeh Ha-Shem, after Yom Kiypur.)

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