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The Shroud of Turin in a DSS forum?!

Tom Simms,

This might seem rather far afield in a DSS forum, but who on earth takes the
Shroud of Turin as a genuine 1st century artifact?

Tom, are you quoting in agreement?  Or is this headed in the direction that
the so called Therapeutae were somehow involved in Jesus' alleged resuscitation?

These arguments, by the way, have already been made by the notorious Barbara
Thiering. (i.e., the Therapeautae/Essene connection with Jesus and his death).

At any rate the Shroud topic has left far behind any connection whatsoever
with the DSS.



At 06:08 PM 9/20/96 -0400, you wrote:
>  As discussed already, 
>the record does not clearly show He died on the cross.  Likewise, 
>as we'll see, the record does not clearly show He rose from the 
>dead.  However, the record shows He went to the cross alive.  Then, 
>the record shows He appeared to His followers alive from an empty 
>tomb.  What happened physically in the tomb, the Shroud of Turin 
>can tell us. 

>  Neither can researchers on the Shroud make a scientific defini- 
>tion of "Christness".  Yet again, better understanding can result 
>from studying the details of making the Shroud or of its history.  
>Keep these points in mind as you read on.) 
>  The Shroud's image happened because a hot, sweat, blood  and 
>serum drenched body was in contact with the cloth for about thirty- 
>six hours. 
Jim West
Professor of Biblical Languages, CCBI
Adjunct Professor of Bible, Quartz Hill School of Theology