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Re: Josephus & DSS

netzarim@netvision.net.il wrote:
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> Jack Kilmon:
> Certainly we can discern some differences between the Egyptian Essenes
> (Therapeutae) and what we know of the Palestinian group.>
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> You're asserting that the latter lived some time after first century instead
> of in Judaea or the Holy Land? (8-{;}
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> Yirmiyahu Ben-David, Pakiyd 16; Ra'anana, Israel
> K'hiylat Ha-N'tzarim
> (Global Congregation of Nazarene Jews)

	Yes. The Therapeutae were the Egyptian successors to the Asayyim in
the Holy Land.  They lived by the Mareotic Lake in Egypt and were discussed
and admired by Philo (Contemplative Life).  I believe there was a very close
relationship between the Netzarim and the Asayyim of Jerusalem...if not a
"merger."  The same holds true, I believe, for the Therapeutae which may
heve been the source for the gnostic sects.  I do not believe it is a 
coincidence that Yaqub ben-Yosef, as the first Pakiyd of the Netzarim..was
called "ha-Tsedik."

Shelama `amkhon
Jack Kilmon