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Re: Josephus & DSS

In a message dated 96-09-19 19:10:42 EDT, Ian wrote:

 Please try the following for a while:
 1) forget that people have made a connection between the Essenes and Qumran,
 between the Essenes and the dss;

 2) think that the Sabbath Sacrifices probably got to Masada via carrier
Thats a pretty heavy item for a carrier pigeon. 
 3) forget that anyone has suggested that Qumran was a monastery;
If they were so "peace loving anti war people" why did the Romans wipe them
out in about 68 AD ?  
 Not hard to do because it was probably a community. There were the bodies of
women and children in the graveyard.   Don't forget everyone in those days
had a 
trade. For example, Jesus was a carpenter. The deciples were fishermen, a tax
collector and a doctor.)  So if the people at Q. engaged in perfume or
medicine manufacturing,  or  whatever, as well as,  being writers and
scholars. That is logical.
I was at Q. and the place is as dry and remote as it could possibly be.
 Where did they get their food?  Where did they get their water? I saw no
living plants there. Not a tree, not a shrub, nothing.  Where did they get
the food for their famous community meals?

 4) imagine that the War scroll was totally vicarious wishful thinking
I understand that the order of battle of the Sons of Light described was very
similar to that used by the Romans.
 .until you've got independent arguments for sufficiently supporting any of
 the things my list negates.
It is very hard to prove a negative. 
The sect's scrolls (War, Temple, Rule and MMT for example), were all copies
found in the same cave or were they distributed around the caves? 
 Where else besides in the Cairo Ginza and in Masda was any DSS materials

 I always think it's better to say that you don't know rather than being just
 plain wrong.
>From reading this list for about 10 months, I can say that I am not alone in
my lack of knowledge, as well as being just plain wrong.

Was John the Baptist an Essene/Q/member of the fort/member of the industry 
making perfum/summer villa (by the Dead Sea!)/ trading post/or what have I
left out?

Scholars can be awfully wrong. See Piltdown man in England and the "experts"
in the Universities in England who said that Schecter's Rule of the Community
scroll that came from the Cairo Ginza was a forgery, were dead wrong.

I just read an exerpt from the Encyclopedia Britanica in 1900 and the wrong
about astronomy by the "experts" is astonishing.
 Ian Hutchesson
 ><< Because they were the only group which did not participate in the War
 > against Rome in 68!
 >  >>
 >How does one explain the find of a DSS in Masada, if the Essenes were not
 >participants in the war against Rome?
 >Also, what "peaceful monk" wrote the War scroll between the War of the Sons
 >of Light and the Sons of Darkness?
 >Steve Abramowitz