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Re: Josephus & DSS

Ian writes:
>There is a precedent that says documents were buried in caves -- not just at
>Qumran but in two instances near Jericho (Eusebius & a Nestorian writer).
>Were there non-Josephan Essenes there as well? That the dss were written by
>very many hands negates the Qumran production hypothesis. We get to a "they
>were imported from other places" type argument that doesn't give any support
>to an Essene hypothesis. Josephus wants us to believe that the Essenes were
>in favour with Herod (AJ 15:10:4-5) which conflicts bitterly with the
>rhetoric in the dss.
>I don't see that the Essene hypothesis is any more likely than the genizah
>or safekeeping hypotheses.
>Ian Hutchesson

I agree with your first few statements, but the last one doesn't follow.

Granted, the 'very many hands' preclude Qumran as the printing press.
Granted, Eusebius and Timotheus I mention finds in caves near Jericho.
Somebody, then, was depositing scrolls in caves east and southeast of

Does safekeeping come to mind?

Eric Forster