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Re: The lunar or the solar?

In other words, the stars/angels are the original source of sin, as well 
as part of the system of "signs" designed to determine the seasons in 
Genesis 1; consequently, it's not exactly odd, in terms of 1 Enoch 80, 
that the Sun and Moon also get out of order.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Philip Davies wrote:

> On Enoch and the ciorruption of the order of nature. I agree with David
> Suter's exegesis, but link it with that book's thesis that sin originated
> in heaven and was brought down to earth (the Genb 2-3 myth being a revision
> of that old story). The variance of sun and moon are proof of that; earthly
> sin, now that the wicked are banished from heaven, perpetuates it.
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