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Re: The lunar or the solar?

>Curiously enough, the astronomical book in 1 Enoch comments on the
>problem of the times being altered (see chapter 80) and seems to suggest
>that the problem is that the ways of the sinners are affecting the cosmic
>order!  The passage is difficult to explain (Fred and I have gone back
>and forth over it on one occasion), but one possible reading seems to be,
>hang reality when it conflicts with theory.  While nothing is said about
>intercalation, perhaps the implication would be that intercalation
>becomes necessary only because the sinners muck up the order of the sun
>and moon.  If it weren't for sin, the cosmos would follow the 364 solar
>calendar.  However, I know of no way of demonstrating that this is how
>one should resolve the problem.
>David Suter
>Saint Martin's College

Demonstrable or not, it appears to me to have the 'ring of truth.'

Martin Abegg
Trinity Western University