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Re: The lunar or the solar?

>Dear Martin
>Will you kindly inform us where from and how do you derive at the thesis on
>their lunar cycle synchronicity?


According to 4Q320-4Q321a (the synchronistic calendars) the lunar month
alternated between 29 and 30 days. After 36 lunar months an additional 30
day month was added--although a 29 day month was in order--to bring the
lunar cycle into synch with the solar. So the equation was:

364 day solar year x 3 years = 1092 days
354* day lunar year x 3 years = 1062 days + 30 day month = 1092 days


4Q319 calls this conjunction an 'ot (sign, Gen 1:14) which occurred in the
first instance on the fourth day of the creation week.

Martin Abegg
Trinity Western University