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Yachad ostracon

The reading of "yachad" in the ostracon is based 
on a reading of lamed, yod, chet, dalet, then lacuna.
The lacuna (the edge) prohibits knowledge of 
whether further letters or a word-separation space
followed the dalet.  There is nothing else in the
ostracon other than the letter-sequence in question
which points to the yachad of 1QS.  With thanks to
Tilde Binger for bringing this to attention:

I Chron 5:14 has the name "Jahdo, son of Buz",
spelled yod, chet, dalet--

I Chron 5:24 has the name "Jahdiel" spelled
yod, chet, dalet--

Since there is no other evidence for "yachad" 
in the ostracon other
than the letter sequence at issue, and 
since the letters as read can equally well be read
as the two personal names above, I say the basis for
certainty of a reading of "yachad" in this text 
has collapsed.

Greg Doudna