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Re: The lunar or the solar?

>>The proper date for a holiday is determined by the date on a calendar .
>>According to the sect at Q., what would the y in the DSS consider the correct
>>date for the High Holidays?  Would they use the lunar or solar calendar?
>>Steve Abramowitz, JD NYU
>They used a solar calendar of 364 days, beginning at the vernal equinox,
>always on a Wednesday. They did, however, synchronize a lunar cycle whereby
>every three years the lunar and solar calendars would conjoin on the first
>day of the year--probably a full moon although some (modern interpreters)
>hold out for the opposite. Thus for every 36 solar months there were 37
>lunar months.
>Martin Abegg
>Director, Dead Sea Scrolls Institute
>Trinity Western University

Dear Martin,

Will you kindly inform us where from and how do you derive at the
thesis on their lunar cycle synchronicity? What evidence? Besides,
it seems  that part of the strain, and argument was thier becoming
increasingly heliacly asynchronous, enstranged, faulting the equinox,
and reading that as part of the "signs" of the times. A "lapse" that
marked the age, and carried over too into Xnity.