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Re: The lunar or the solar?

Curiously enough, the astronomical book in 1 Enoch comments on the 
problem of the times being altered (see chapter 80) and seems to suggest 
that the problem is that the ways of the sinners are affecting the cosmic 
order!  The passage is difficult to explain (Fred and I have gone back 
and forth over it on one occasion), but one possible reading seems to be, 
hang reality when it conflicts with theory.  While nothing is said about 
intercalation, perhaps the implication would be that intercalation 
becomes necessary only because the sinners muck up the order of the sun 
and moon.  If it weren't for sin, the cosmos would follow the 364 solar 
calendar.  However, I know of no way of demonstrating that this is how 
one should resolve the problem.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Martin Abegg wrote:

> >Does this mean that among the Q 4thday would have slipped a day every 4
> >years along with the vernal equinox and, therefore, Shabbat also changed?
> >
> Intercalation is still a mystery with the Qumran calendar. As far as I can
> tell it is never hinted at. So, if the calendar was actually used it
> certainly would have drifted backwards by a day and a quarter every year.
> Marty
> Martin Abegg
> Director, Dead Sea Scrolls Institute
> Trinity Western University