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Re: The lunar or the solar?

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Martin Abegg:
They used a solar calendar of 364 days, beginning at the vernal equinox,
always on a Wednesday. They did, however, synchronize a lunar cycle whereby
every three years the lunar and solar calendars would conjoin on the first
day of the year--probably a full moon although some (modern interpreters)
hold out for the opposite. Thus for every 36 solar months there were 37
lunar months.
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Does this mean that among the Q 4thday would have slipped a day every 4 
years along with the vernal equinox and, therefore, Shabbat also changed?

BTW, if your book is as good as the paper on 4Q285 I'm looking forward to 
it.  (I finally was able to take an in-depth look at the paper and it was as 
logically compelling as it looked on the first scan.  I did find a small 
error in referring to a line number and I think there's at least one more 
compelling reason corroborating your arguments that wasn't mentioned.  
Thanks again.)

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