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Re: Hosea & Pesher

Dear Gretchen,

Although I'm not committed to David K.'s interpretation of the significance
of Ephraim, I find that the means that you've tried to employ to "deal" with
his comments are based on the sorts of assumptions that are now being
questioned: assumptions about dates and significances of texts.

My original desire was to get a little information before entering into the
sort of wrangle that seems to have been started. I would recommend that you
wait before hoeing into a position that is being formed that questions the
starting point that you are using, a starting point that I feel needs to be

You seem to have blithely accepted the exodus, accepted that the northern
kingdom was part of God's covenant, accepted an early date for Numbers,
accepted the conventional interpretation of Hosea, all of which seems
unjustified to me.


What I would like to do is return to my original plea for information
regarding Hosea: is all the text of Hosea supported by finds from Qumran?
was there any more of the Hosea pesher found other than for 2:8-12. I would
prefer to get a little more information before forming any too solid

David's interpretation is interesting and probably worth more consideration
than what you have given it.


Ian Hutchesson