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Re: Hosea & Pesher

> What I would like to do is return to my original plea for information
> regarding Hosea: is all the text of Hosea supported by finds from Qumran?
> was there any more of the Hosea pesher found other than for 2:8-12. I would
> prefer to get a little more information before forming any too solid
> conclusions.

Here's what is preserved of Hosea:

1:7-2:5     4QXII(d)

2:8(?)       8HevXIIgr, fragment 1

2:8-9        4QpHos(a)

2:10-14    4QpHos(a)

5:13-15    4QpHos(b)

6:4           4QpHos(b)

6:7           4QpHos(b)

6:9           4QpIsa(c)

6:9-10      4QpHos(b)

8:6-7        4QpHos(b)

8:13-14    4QpHos(b)

13:15b-14:1a, 3-6   4QXII(?)

4QXII(d) is published two places: the photo is in Wolff's commentary 
on Hosea (the Hermeneia series); the Nahal Hever fragment is 
published in Barthelemy's volume, where he identifies it as Nahum 
3:13, but Lifshitz in IEJ 12:202-206 identifies it as Hosea.  
4QXII(?) is published in "Semitica" 5:37-38.  The Hosea Peshers and 
the Isaiah pesher that includes the Hosea quote are all in DJD 5.

Dave Washburn
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