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>Although you are probably right, let me say in Judith's defense that the
Chabad calendar for the year 5757, hanging on my wall, refers to it (just
as Judith said) as Yom haZicaron.<

Avigdor is not merely "probably" right, he is (almost) 100% right. I was
writing in too much haste, focusing more on making the point about RH as
a day that memorializes the creation (according to rabbinic interpretation of
the word *zikhron* --smiXut of zikkaron-- which does appear in the Torah.

However, in the interests of 100% accuracy, what Lev. 23:24 actually says is
*zikhron teru'ah* (in other words, Avigdor, it does NOT say *yom* zikhron
teru'ah--that's only how it's worded in the liturgy, in the version of Kiddushn
we recited this year because RH fell on Shabbat. So we were both being somewhat
careless! But it remains true that the significance of *zikhron* was not clear,
 aking it possible for the rabbis to assume that what  is being memorialized
is the creation.

Judith Romney Wegner, Providence