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>Dear Judith,
>Premit me to correct one of your comments.  The first of the seventh
>month is not referred to biblically as Yom hazzikkaron "day of
>rememberance".  It is called yom teruah and yom zikron teruah but not,
>to my recollection, yom hazzikkaron.  The biblical term zikron teruah,
>remeberance of the (trumpet) blowing, is, as you  well know, the basis
>for the treatment of the Rosh hashanah liturgy for when rosh hashanah
>occurs on Sabbath as it did this year.


Although you are probably right, let me say in Judith's defense that the
Chabad calendar for the year 5757, hanging on my wall, refers to it (just
as Judith said) as Yom haZicaron.

Eric Forster