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Re: yahad ostracon

philip davies wrote:
> My feeling, however, is that some of the listusers are unfamiliar with the use
> of YHD in the DSS and wondering why the excitement.  I hope this clarifies the
> connection.
> Jack Kilmon
> Houston, Texas
> JPMan@accesscomm.net
> I sincerely hope you are wrong. This list, I believe, is for people at
> least minimally informed about the DSS. If there are any who are quite
> ignorant about the basics,  but still interested, they should do some
> elementary reading before wasting the time of others who want to discuss
> more advanced matters on this list.

	As someone who has studied this area for 45 years, I never consider
it a waste of time to teach or give the basics to anyone interested or
"ignorant about the basics."  In fact, I consider it a privilege...of course,
I am from the "old school."

Jack Kilmon