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Re: New Translation

From: "James D. Tabor" <jdtabor@uncc.campus.mci.net>
Subject: Re: New Translation

 "From James Tabor" via
Oakley, Re: New Translation?  Thanks,

In response to Robert Kraft's query regarding the new 
translation of the DSS
by Wise, Abegg, and Cook, I have seen a prepublication copy 
and the real
thing is more exciting than the blurb.  First, the selection 
of texts is
more extensive than either Vermes or Martinez.  Second, the 
texts are
introduced and presented in ways that truly guide the
non-specialist/student along.  Finally, in checking here and 
there, and
working through a couple of the texts in detail (including 
the Copper
Scroll) I think we will  find this translation far far 
superior to either
Vermes or Martinez.  I often find striking and unexplainable 
mistakes and
flaws in both of them and have to constantly make 
explanations to students
for poor renderings.  The introduction to the work as a 
whole is quite
fascinating and presents a "new" theory of DSS origins.  I 
predict this
volume, so handsomely done and of such quality, will take 
over the
non-specialist market.  I have already ordered copies for my 
Spring classes.
I am not sure about an index--I had my pre-pub copy on disk, 
containing just
the main text.  

James D. Tabor

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