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Hebrew Newsletter

						Leiden, September 6, 1996.

	Dear Colleague,

	At the Leiden Symposium on the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls and 
	the Book of Ben Sira, held in December 1995, the participants 
	agreed that in order to facilitate international scholarly
	contacts in the field it would be useful to launch a _Newsletter 
	for the Study of Pre-Modern Hebrew_.

	The idea was that such a newsletter is to be distributed annually 
	and include news on recent publications, ongoing research projects, 
	and dissertations in progress pertaining to the *linguistic* study 
	of the Hebrew language, covering Biblical Hebrew, Qumran Hebrew, the
	Hebrew of Ben Sira, Mishnaic/Rabbinic Hebrew, Samaritan Hebrew, and 
	Mediaeval Hebrew (including living pronunciation traditions such as 
	the modern-day Karaites'). 
	   Publications and activities bearing upon theology, history, 
	textual criticism, literary studies, and Modern Hebrew should not 
	be included.

	It is our intention to start such a newsletter and distribute it 
	free of charge, although -- just like Prof. Otto Jastrow's Neo-
	Aramaic Newsletter -- by strict application of the input = output 
	principle: `No distribution without contribution'. This means that 
	only those who themselves contribute to the newsletter will receive 
	a copy from us. The newsletter itself will simply consist of a 
	xerox copy of all contributions.

	Therefore, I invite all colleagues active in the field to send me a 
	letter to let me know *as concisely as possible* of their 
	publications in the past year, ongoing or future research projects, 
	and dissertations in progress that deserve to be known in a wider 
	Since we plan to send out the first issue in November 1996, we 
	should like to receive your contributions before November 1, 1996. 
	Anything received later will be included in the second issue (due 
	in November 1997).

	Please feel free to forward this message to any colleague who 
	could usefully contribute to the newsletter.

	Hoping to hear from you,

	Prof. T. Muraoka

	Dept. of Languages and Cultures of the Near East
	Section Hebrew, Aramaic, and Ugaritic Studies
	Leiden University
	P.O.B. 9515 --  NL-2300 RA Leiden -- The Netherlands