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Re: yahad ostracon

Philip Davies writes, 

>That an entity called yahad is not attested only in literary documents from
>the caves but in a documentary text from near the site; the implication
>being (I stress implication, but a strong one) that there was a group at
>Khirbet Qumran calling itself officially the yhd.
>I don't think we go much beyond there, except that the texts and Qumran are
>linked in some way. But all kinds of explanations for the origin and
>deposit of the texts remain.

My contact from the Manchester conference tells me that the ostracon
contained a 
date, "Year 2".  

First, can you confirm this datum?  And doesn't this indicate the ostracon 
probably dates to 68 CE, i.e. the second year of the revolt?  

Then this may indicate a link between Qumran and the texts ca. 68 CE, i.e.
coincidentally about the time the scrolls may have been deposited, but what
does this really imply about the history of Qumran or of the sectarians'
connection with this site  in earlier archaeological periods?

Russell Gmirkin