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Re: yahad ostracon

>>Let's suppose that the ostracon is the real mcCoy. What would it clarify?
>Thatan entity called yahad is not attested only in literary documents from
>the caves but in a documentary text from near the site; the implication
>being (I stress implication, but a strong one) tha there was a group at
>Khirbet Qumran calling itself officiAlly the yhd.
>I don't think we go much beyond there, except that the texts and Qumran are
>linked in some way. But all kinds of explanations for the origin and
>deposit of the texts remain.
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Golbites would probably suggest that some Yahad documents were kept in a
jar bearing the same designation in the temple archives, and which later
was transferred - for safekeeping - to Qumran.

Eric Forster