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Re: yahad ostracon

Philip Davies wrote:
> >Let's suppose that the ostracon is the real mcCoy. What would it clarify?
> >
> Thatan entity called yahad is not attested only in literary documents from
> the caves but in a documentary text from near the site; the implication
> being (I stress implication, but a strong one) tha there was a group at
> Khirbet Qumran calling itself officiAlly the yhd.

	The ostracon fascinates us because of the word YAHAD.  We immediately
think of that which the sectarians call themselves in IQS, Serekh ha-Yahad.  I
have been following the ostracon thread with great interest because of this.
My feeling, however, is that some of the listusers are unfamiliar with the use
of YHD in the DSS and wondering why the excitement.  I hope this clarifies the

Jack Kilmon
Houston, Texas