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New Translation

The Harper publisher's publicity on new books arrived with the following
volume listed. Has anyone who was not involved in its production seen
it? Any comments on how it compares with the newest editions of Vermes
or of Garcia Martinez? Isn't the blurb exciting!? 

THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS: A New Translation,
by Michael Wise, Martin Abegg jr, and Edward Cook.
528 pages; Harper HC; 1996; ISBN 0-06-069200-6; $28 (sale price).

In this explosive new work, three translators at the forefront of DSS
scholarship present the first complete translation of the DSS ever
published for the general reader in any language. Each text is
accompanied by commentary, and a  thorough introduction describes the
Scrolls' discovery, offers a summary of their contents, and discusses
who may have written them and why they were hidden. This landmark work
includes the following: Previously unknown stories about such biblical
figures as Abraham, Jacob, and Enoch -- including a work explaining why
God asked for the sacrifice of Abraham's son Isaac [etc. with several
other such descriptions of various DSS groupings]... A radical new
theory regarding the origin of the Scrolls.</endblurb>

If it has a thematic index like Gaster's older editions have, that would
be even more impressive! and useful! I just began the new term of an
undergraduate DSS course, using for translations Garcia Martinez
supplemented by Vermes. What am I missing? (The old moderated
dss@ccat.sas.upenn.edu list has been revived for course purposes, and
will carry class minutes, etc., as in spring 1995; relevant materials
will also be forwarded to ORION, and deposited on my class gopher slot
as in the past.)

Bob Kraft, UPenn