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Re: Golb's Theory

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, philip davies wrote:

Not P. Davis :

> >Isn't the discussion of Golb's theory moot if the newly discovered ostracon
> >implies that Kh. Qumran = the/a site of the Yahad?  Doesn't that strongly
> >connect the scrolls and the sect described in them to the site itself?
> >
> >Actual texts (e.g., Tell Dan) have a way of demolishing way-out theories.
> >

P. Davis - I think :

> >Esti Eshel will be explaining the new ostraco in Manchester tomorrow. I
> >may then say something more. Meantime, since we have not seen the text,
> >and since the Tel Dan inscription proves hardly anything about anything
> >(even if rad correctly-another matter), I hope that Ed Cook's credulity
> >does not become infectious. Amazing how many way out theories manage in
> >the course of time to get to the middle of the road, as any historian of
> >biblical studies ought to know!
> Philip R Davies
> Department of Biblical Studies
> University of Sheffield

Any news on the ostracon? 

	Thank you very much,	Asia

PS - I could not quite figure out whether the second part of the post 
comes from M. Davis or not - so if it does not, I redirect, with 
appologies, the question to whoever wrote this passage.