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Re: Ps 103

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>Could someone with access to the 4QPs scrolls please tell me if Ps 103 is
>included, and if so, could you send along a transcription of verses 8-13?


P. W. Skehan published 4QPs-b, including Ps 103, in CBQ 26 (1964) 313-322.
Of Ps 103 it contains verses 1-6, 9-14, 20-21. It is written
stichometrically. Verses 12-13 are fully preserved, while only a few
letters of vv 9-11 remain.  They read as follows:

        col. XXIII (bottom)

8     [     not extant    ]
      [                   ]
9     l[' lnH yryb]                    (' = 'alef;   = sade;  H = het)
      [w]l' l[`wlm yTwr]                (` = `ayin;  T = tet)
10    l' k[HT'ynw `Sh lnw]              (S = sin)
      wl'[ k`wntynw gml `lynw]
11    ky kg[bh $mym `l h'r]            ($ = shin)
      gbr[ Hsdw `l yr'yw]               (s = samek)

        col. XXIV (top)

12    krHq mzrH mm`rb
      hrHyq mmnw 't p$`ynw
13    krHm 'b `l bnym
      rHm yhwh `l yr'yw

In text and orthography this part shares the same text tradition that the
Massoretic will witness to.

Hope this helps.

Gene Ulrich