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Re: Golb's Theory

At 01:55 PM 9/7/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Isn't the discussion of Golb's theory moot if the newly discovered ostracon
>implies that Kh. Qumran = the/a site of the Yahad?  Doesn't that strongly
>connect the scrolls and the sect described in them to the site itself? 
>Actual texts (e.g., Tell Dan) have a way of demolishing way-out theories.
>Ed Cook
>Hebrew Union College
>Cincinnati, OH
Yes, if we could only know what this ostracon says!  So again, I plead with
the researchers who have access to it- just tell us what it says!!

Jim West
Jim West
Professor of Biblical Languages, CCBI
Adjunct Professor of Bible, Quartz Hill School of Theology