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Belgian dig at Qumran

In a recent trip to the Qumran site I noticed intense digging by what I 
have learned is a team from Belgium. In follow-up discussion at the 
Hebrew University I learned this week that two television programs, both 
from the BBC I think, covered what appears to be their discovery of 
balsam containers which would suggest a medical- or perfume-related 
industry such as Josephus suggested. Several questions immediately come to 
Has any publication, recent or otherwise, dealt with the Belgian team's 
discoveries? Is there consensus on the balsam container theory. i.e. it 
is related to medical or perfume industry (or both)? What does this do, 
if anything, to the scriptorium theory that seems to be the status quo? 
Who can I contact that has direct contact with the Belgium team? Has 
anyone else heard of this and/or talked with them her-/him-self?
I have been on the Orion list for over a year now, though I rarely do 
more than read and learn. Now, perhaps, my involvement can be helped by 
those in the know. Thanks for any insight.

Dennis Stoutenburg (Ph.D., Strasbourg)
on Sabbatical at the Hebrew U. in Jerusalem