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Re: Vendyl Jones incense

> >Wasn't it supposed to be eternally dangerous to make this insense for
> anything other than Temple use.<
> I am  inCenSed by this nonSense about "inSenSe."  What IS it?    (Maybe a
> type of inCenSe that was so potent as to render its users inSenSible -- except
> for those who were inSenSitive to it through immunity achieved by overuse?)
> Punster Pundit in Providence

well forbidden if done to specification but why dangerous? and i dont
give my conSents or even care 2 Cents about puns in providence which
have such foul sCents i personally would not make any desCents so low.
the esSence of wit is be clever and informative too. otherwise its
indeCensy -- unless the list is a senSation-alist.