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Re: "Josephus" inkwells?

At 01:09 AM 8/31/96 -0400, David Crowder wrote:
>Jack & all, 
>   I don't think anyone is really suggesting the Joe we know penned the DSS. 
>   As I survey the responses to my question about the grammar and spelling in
>Isaiah, however, I see it has not been seriously addressed yet. 
>  The lack of a real answer has proved an immense road block for me, I know
>  Neil Altman, a writer and scholar in his own right whose works may be
>to some in this group may know, threw me the Josephus passage from Cross. It
>seemed to confirm what I had read and been told concerning the care that Jewish
>scribes took in copying scripture in the first century and before, and it
>more questions about whose hands actually did the work. Were they literate
>Jewish scribes? Or non-Jewish copyists? 
>  It's really hard to believe that diligent scholars of the time created

I seem to recall reading in Josephus that they kept 3 sets of scrolls in the
temple, and that for every reading they compared (in advance, presumeably)
the three versions before selecting which to read in public. This in itself
would suggest variations in their received corpus. Is this what you were
referring to? Or do I misremember Josephus?

Best regards,
Bob Schacht
Northern Arizona University