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Re: "Josephus" inkwells?

David Crowder wrote:
> Jack & all,
>    I don't think anyone is really suggesting the Joe we know penned the DSS.
>    As I survey the responses to my question about the grammar and spelling in
> Isaiah, however, I see it has not been seriously addressed yet.
>   The lack of a real answer has proved an immense road block for me, I know
> that.

	I assume you are talking about the A scroll.  The B scroll is a pre- or proto-
masoretic text not much different than the canonical Isaiah. 

>   It's really hard to believe that diligent scholars of the time created Isaiah.
> Imagine finding what appeared what appeared to be, say, one of the first copies
> of the Declaration of Independence (apologies to UK readers) that, on close
> inspection, turned out to be chocked full of the kind of mistakes that no 4th
> year elementary schooler would make.

	The Sectarians had a unique grammatical and spelling "code/language" of
their own which is noticeable throughout the corpus of the DSS and particularly
when comparing texts.  The sectarian writings, like Isaiah A, stands out from the 
pre-masoretic writings.  The Isaiah A scroll may not so much be erroneous as
in a popular and vulgar contemporary language to be used as a study tool.....
a kind of colloquial targum.

	Josephus tells us that the Essenes "adopted" youngsters whom they raised
in their community.  These youngsters had to