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Re: Yachad, was Re: Ioudaios: The Dead Sea Scrolls

Perhaps the Director, Prof. Stone, could post on this list a translation of
the ostracon? Obviously the text and a full treatment will appear in IEJ, but
I am sure many would be interested in knowing exactly what the text says.

Ed Cook
Hebrew Union College

>Before such conclusion can be reached, its imperative to establish 
>whether the term "yachad" actually appears in the ostraca, or whether the 
>interpretation of the text is made on the bases of the _assumption_ that 
>if a gift was given to some community, that community must have been the 
>yachad. I am actually willing to indulge in a bet - its the second case. 
>I do not think the term "yachad" is there. Just a hunch, no special info.